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Mahoning County Career & Technical Center - Biomedical Science Program

Instructor: Robert Miller

Brianna Norman is a Western Reserve senior graduating from MCCTC’s prestigious Biomedical Science Program upholding a 4.0 GPA and 28 ACT while also taking the most rigorous course load including 47 CCP hours and 6 CTAG credit hours for a total of 53 college credits. Brianna sought out this career path to help others with vision issues and to leave high school just shy of an associate’s degree.

Brianna’s accomplishments have not come without adversity, she was born with a lazy eye and poor vision undergoing 4 surgeries and still requiring corrective lenses to be able to see. Brianna understands the miracle of sight and does not take her abilities for granted. Brianna’s adversity has inspired her to first major in Chemical Engineering to research and develop a new drug or procedure to assist with vision deficiencies. She then plans to become an Ophthalmologist and be able to not only develop procedures to improve or grant vision, but also perform the surgeries herself.

Impeccable time management and a tenacious spirit assisted Brianna in obtaining a highly sought after position as a Youngstown State University STEM Summer Research Assistant, researching rat behavior, analyzing literature reviews and collecting data. She also placed first in a regional Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) Biomedical Debate competition, resulting in sixth place at state. Brianna has already begun visual research with her junior capstone project on understanding the importance of vision, giving classmates a visual acuity test and building a foundation for additional research ideas.

Multitasking is Brianna’s superpower as she works part time at Chipotle and is a certified Chipotle trainer and also NTHS Secretary, NHS Member, Key Club Member, 4 year Academic Challenge Member, Biomedical Debate Team Member, 1st chair Flute and section leader, Vice President of Biomedical Lab, 4 year pep Band member, 2 year member of marching and concert band, ran cross country for 3 years, played soccer for 2 years, and received a Varsity letter in Track and Field. On top of all of this, she also finds the time to volunteer regularly at Akron Children’s Hospital, at blood drives, in her Biomedical lab, at Robotics Competitions and at a local food pantry. Brianna’s dynamic personality, perseverance and drive to make the world a better place will undoubtedly leave an everlasting positive impact!

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