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ODE Updates

Ohio ACTE Impact and Innovation Conference Recap

August 2023

Leah Amstutz

Director, Office of Career-Technical Education

Leaders from the Ohio Department of Career-Technical Education highlighted three in-demand job areas at its Ohio ACTE Impact and Innovation conference in Columbus. Also discussed was a new marketing campaign sponsored by CTE to raise awareness about the availability of high-tech careers, and the training programs available to enter those careers.

Read the Ohio ACTE director's recap of the conference.

Secondary One-Year Option in Cosmetology

April 22, 2022

Dr. Paula Compton, Associate Vice Chancellor, Ohio Articulation and Transfer Network

Office of CTE Updates

December, 2022

Ohio Department of Education

Here's the most up-to-date listing of contacts in the Ohio Department of Education's Office of Career Technical Education.


Federal Academic Performance Indicators

We heard your concerns regarding the Federal Academic Performance Indicators and met with the USDOE to discuss the potential of updating current calculations to include first-time historical high school end-of-course testing data for all current year concentrators. The Office of Career-Technical Education is working with our Report Card team to determine next steps in potentially updating this calculation. We will update you as soon as next steps are determined.


CTE Follow-Up Collection

The 2022 CTE Follow-up (2022D0000) Collection in EMIS is scheduled to close on April 15, 2022. Districts and CTPD lead districts should actively monitor the CTPD and Member District Post Program Outcomes Reports in the Secure Data Center as well as the general issues checks throughout the collection.

The most current EMIS Data Collection Calendar can be found here.


Teacher License Overrides

The 2022 CTE teacher licensure override requests are being accepted through April 30, 2022. Override requests should be submitted in Microsoft Excel format to

Detailed instructions for CTE teacher licensure overrides and the request template can be found here.

2022 CTE Facts Sheet Released

February, 2022

#CareerTechOhio - Outcomes and Insights

The Ohio Department of Education Office of CTE released their 2022 CTE Fact Sheet. 

Advance CTE Career Clusters Framework Initiative

Twenty years ago, the states and key stakeholders built and launched The National Career Clusters® Framework (The Framework). The Framework has been used in myriad ways by many different stakeholders. While The Framework once reflected the realities of the world of work, it is time to modernize The Framework’s structure and design to ensure its relevance for the current and future needs of every learner, at all levels, and of the workplace.


Ohio Department of Education Acronym List

The Ohio Department of Education has created a comprehensive listing of acronyms frequently used in education.


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