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Engineering and Robotics - South-Western Career Center

Nate Palaia is a senior in the engineering and robotics lab at the South-Western Career Academy. He is passionate about aerospace engineering and computer science and enjoys learning how concepts from these fields can be applied to the automotive industry.

Currently, Palaia is working at The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research where he is an active member on the Connected Autonomous Vehicles team of the Eco-Car Electric Vehicle Challenge. Here he utilizes the knowledge that he gained from my experience as team captain of his robotics club's autonomous vehicle team and as an intern at Horton Emergency Vehicles in Grove City, Ohio along with new concepts that he has learned from his Ohio State team leader to develop cuboidal test scenarios using MATLAB's Automated Driving Toolbox for sensor fusion testing and research.

He is extremely grateful that God has blessed him with these opportunities and they are the result of the support from his family, friends, peers, teachers, coaches, counselors, mentors, and school administration.


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