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Articles & Videos from Outside Sources

The Misguided Priorities of Our Education System

Source: The New York Times, 2018

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Does Vocational Training Need a Shot in the Arm?

Source: The Educator Online, 2018

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Not My Kid

Source: LinkedIn, 2018

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Finding Your Own Path Video

Source: CET Connect, 2018

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CET Highlights Students Who Found Their Path to a Bright Future

Source: Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 2018

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The Future of Work

Source: US News & World Report, 2018

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Jane Oates Discusses the Future of Skills Training with Voice of America

Source: Working Nation, 2019

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Two Tacos and a B.A., Please

Published by: Wall Street Journal, 2019

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Governor's Top Education Priorities in 2019 State of Addresses

Source: Education Commission of the States, 2019

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Mike Rowe Offering Scholarships for People Who Want To Go To Trade School

Source: Don't Waste Your Money, 2019

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& Information

American Graduate Series

Finding Your Path Series
The Career Path Less Taken Documentary & Resources

Legislative Testimony

Great Oaks Career Campuses President/CEO Harry Snyder Testimony on Cupp-Patterson School Funding Proposal

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