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Veterinary Assisting - Diamond Oaks Career Center

Lilly Blankenship is currently a student in the Veterinary Assisting program at Diamond Oaks Career Campus. She is very passionate about animals and has dreamed about becoming a veterinarian for as long as she can remember. After graduating from high school, her plans are to attend Sinclair College and The Ohio State University earning a degree in Veterinary Medicine.


Her overall objective is to earn a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in order to pursue a career as a wildlife veterinarian. She was forced to grow up early due to various traumatic experiences that manifested in her family during my childhood. From all of the adversity she had to endure within her childhood, it was clear that she needed to do better than the influences she had surrounding her. She is determined to be successful in spite of the obstacles she was forced to overcome. She looks towards her future with great enthusiasm and expectation that she will accomplish her goals and pave a bright pathway for herself.


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