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OTC Update: May 31, 2023

By Bill Bussey

The state budget recommendations look promising so far for the OTC funding line item and initiatives, although we have concerns about some language related to expansion of CCP.

An OTC New Directors’ meeting was held Friday, May 19 at Eastland Career Center. Twelve new directors attended and heard from several speakers and had the opportunity to tour some of Eastland Career Center’s facilities used for adult education. A New Directors’ virtual meeting will be held June 23. Read more here.

A final Statewide Stackable Credentials Briefing was held May 24 and many Directors listened in to the session. Superintendents can discuss details with their OTC Directors as appropriate. A conversation regarding the status of CTAGs and ITAGs for the Intel open-source courses that are being released will be held with ODHE staff members Paula Compton and Lauri White, Maggie Hess and myself on June 1. The Ohio Association of Community Colleges has invited OACTS members and OTC Directors to a virtual meeting on June 13 to learn more about the open-source stackable semiconductor certificate program curriculum developed to meet the needs of Intel for their Technician education pathways. Every OACTS member and OTC Director received an invitation to participate in this discussion.


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