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OACTS Sponsor Spotlight: Energy Optimizers USA

As a career tech superintendent, you know how important it is to maintain your facilities and equipment while also being a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars. One effective way to achieve both goals is by pursuing energy efficiency upgrades for your buildings and systems. Not only can this save substantial amounts of money over time, but it also aligns with preparing students for careers focused on sustainability. Energy Optimizers, USA is currently helping Belmont-Harrison Career Center improve its facilities and maximize energy savings. The two-phase project includes interior and exterior LED lighting retrofits, ductwork upgrades, and ceiling tile and grid replacement throughout the campus. The entire campus will also have a new digital display and clock system installed. The energy-efficient LED flat panel lighting, which closely mimics natural sunlight, will provide improved safety and security and an enhanced learning environment. Classrooms will have dimmable lighting, and new high bays will be installed in all shop areas. The project was procured through a lease-purchase method, allowing the district to finance the upgrades over time using the money saved on utility bills. After the initial investment, the energy savings are permanent and substantial, estimated to be over $29,000 annually. Energy Optimizers, USA manages the entire process from audit to completion. Our energy engineers have identified optimal solutions, engineered the project, are managing implementation, and will ensure that savings goals are met. Work has been coordinated to minimize disruption to the educational process. While there is always a hiccup or two along the way in a project of this size, we will work with the district to ensure satisfaction. Completion is scheduled for August 2024. As a company we seek to involve career tech students in the process and projects like this give students real-world exposure to growing career fields like sustainability, HVAC, electrical, and construction. And the financial and environmental benefits demonstrate wise stewardship of taxpayer funds. Energy Optimizers, USA has worked with several Ohio career-tech centers on similar projects, including Mid-East, Springfield-Clark CTC, Washington County Career Center, and others. If your facilities have not yet been evaluated please call this number (937-974-1549) to schedule your free assessment. Whether comprehensive or incremental, energy upgrades align with your mission of developing skilled professionals while optimizing budgets.

—Belinda Kenley, Vice President


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