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OACTS Sponsor Spotlight: Cyanna

As a Platinum Business sponsor for OACTS, Cyanna Education Services is proud to support career technical education in Ohio. This month Cyanna is launching our new “Career Connect” program, allowing career schools to offer online CompTIA certification prep courses from their own website. By partnering with Cyanna, OACTS schools can better support the growing demand for IT technical training for a wide array of students.

Cyanna’s offerings include IT Fundamentals, A+, Network+ and Security+ - all courses to prepare your students for CompTIA certification. The courses offer video & interactive labs, plus augmented reality (AR) hardware models. The courses can be purchased individually or as a course bundle.

Cyanna provides complete support for the students from online enrollment and payment to books and vouches to technical support to hosting and tracking via the EDlumina platform. We also provide your school with a branded web page, marketing support with assets for email and social media and a generous revenue split.

In addition to CompTIA courses, our curriculum development team produces educational content for all types of schools and educational needs– and we can deliver curriculum for traditional classrooms, professional development, and even within our online, immersive education platform, EDlumina.

Since launching as an admissions CRM platform designed specifically for Education, EDlumina has added a student information system, an online course catalog with point of sale, and cutting-edge immersive augmented and virtual reality training to its software offerings. In 2024 we are excited to launch a new learning management system that incorporates the latest in cutting-edge student engagement technologies. Via our compliance consulting services, Cyanna ensures your school or organization is on the right side of regulations. We assist with state and programmatic licensing, the accreditation process, and even launching a new school within the US. We have years of regulatory experience for clients that are just starting out or have been long-established.

Beyond the unique nature of services we offer in the education sector, it’s our background, experiences, and relationships that set us apart from other firms. The staff at Cyanna has been involved in the education industry with every level of stakeholder, from students and faculty, to school owners to regulators. At Cyanna Education Services, we are advancing the power of education around the world. Visit our website to see for yourself.


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