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As many of us just wrapped up a holiday season filled with buying gifts online, working from home, and remote learning, advances in technology are more prevalent than ever in our lives.

While these industries use technology to meet the changing needs of society, education and training must adjust in tandem to provide a stream of new skilled workers to fill skills gaps that emerge.

What does this next generation of education look like, and what does it lead to? Industry leaders are looking for skilled workers with industry-recognized credentials, and educational institutions are stepping up to the plate to meet that need with robust Industrial Technology curriculums with early implementation.

As early as middle school, students are being exposed to in-demand skills that can help jump-start their careers. From STEM and Career Exploration to earning specific and job-ready industrial credentials, students in Ohio are uniquely positioned to excel and become tomorrow’s skilled workers.

Although skills gaps have emerged in Industry 4.0, Logistics, and HVAC, resources are available for both educational institutions and students to fill these in-demand job positions. Ohio schools can seamlessly integrate these sought-after subjects with aligned curriculum and hands-on training.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, or “Smart Factory,” is the interconnection of industrial technologies to produce big data analytics, which helps manufacturing facilities become more efficient than ever. Starting at a high school level, the Industry 4.0 Fundamentals program (I4F) from Amatrol ensures that students with no background in manufacturing can begin with the basics like industrial safety, hand tools, etc., and build to industrial competencies in areas such as PLC troubleshooting, mechatronics, and data analytics. Further, at the Post-Secondary level, the Amatrol Industry 4.0 Smart Factory is a robust eight-station training system that connects physical systems, operational information, and human assets to control a variety of actions, including manufacturing, maintenance, inventory, and supply chain operators. Best of all, Amatrol’s Industry 4.0 curriculum aligns with the Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) credentials – a students’ ticket to a high-paying, in-demand job in Industry 4.0.


Because of the explosion of eCommerce, supply chain operations have been forced to adapt rapidly, leading to new technologies and, in turn, a need for workers with updated skillsets. To meet this demand, a new industry-recognized credential was developed by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) – Certified Technician – Supply Chain Automation (CT-SCA). The credential consists of three certifications: Equipment Maintenance (CTSCA-EM), Equipment Repair (CTSCA-ER), and Network Repair (CTSCA-NR), and individuals that earn all three receive a full “Automation Master” recognition award.

To prepare for the CT-SCA credential, educational institutions can use the Skill Boss Logistics from Amatrol to teach and assess 100 hands-on skills today’s technicians need in supply chain automation, including equipment maintenance and equipment repair. The hands-on skill assessment system is designed to meet MSSC standards and integrates seamlessly into any logistics program.


Like other industrial sectors, HVAC is amid a skills gap – thanks in part to an aging workforce combined with advancements in technology. Companies are facing increasing pressure to find qualified labor, as mechanic and installer jobs are expected to grow 15-percent nationwide by 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. When it comes to training future HVAC professionals, getting hands-on skill training is ideal. With Amatrol’s HVAC Learning Systems, learners will have a chance to mimic the troubleshooting skills they’ll use on a daily basis – and do so on the equipment they will most likely encounter in the field.

By Buckeye Educational Systems

How to Get Started – Buckeye Educational Systems

While the next generation of industrial technologies can be daunting, resources are available for educational institutions across Ohio, as we have displayed. Buckeye Educational Systems, Ohio’s expert in all matters of education, is your partner to integrate new educational technologies and curriculum. To get started implementing Industry 4.0, Logistics, HVAC, and other emerging technology reach out on their website or by phone at (800) 522-0460.

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