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Legislative Update, July 6, 2023

By Will Vorys

On July 4, 2023, Governor DeWine executed the state’s biennial Operating Budget for FY 24-25 (House Bill 33). Click here for the budget bill and associated summaries (including Gov. DeWine’s Veto Message). We will have numerous updates in the coming weeks, but CTE-related highlights include:

  • SB 1 (To-be created Department of Education of Workforce Development (DEW) with Division of CTE)

  • $200M in funding for CTPD Facility Expansion

  • $100M in funding CTE equipment (all schools)

  • $80M+ of additional funding for JVSDs over the biennium under the state’s School Funding Formula

  • $32M in continued funding for Industry-Recognized Credentials (IWIP, Credential Cost Reimbursement)

  • $40M in short-term certificate funding (Adult Ed.) via the Talent Ready ($20M) and Work Ready ($20M) Grant Programs

  • Language facilitating the ability of secondary students to earn certificates and credentials at OTCs for high school credit.

  • $100M in funding for SuperRapids (OTCs can apply directly to ODHE)

  • Increases OTC funding over the biennium by 3% ($23.1M in FY 25)

  • Continued funding for the Adult Diploma Program

  • Includes but narrows the “Coop” language discussed at Summer Conference to apply only to existing Compacts.

Please be sure to thank your legislators in both the House and the Senate and if given the opportunity, the DeWine-Husted Administration and/or their staff. It is indeed a historic budget for CTE and is in large part a result of OACTS members and their consistent advocacy. Congrats!

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