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Businesses needed to take In-Demand Jobs survey

Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs Survey is now open! This survey allows Ohio businesses to provide feedback on the state’s Top Jobs List, which guides workforce training priorities and federal funding.

The survey helps the state collect feedback based on what Ohio businesses need, creating a portal for Ohioans to learn what jobs will be important now and in the future, so they can better plan their pathway to a successful career. The survey is open to any registered business in Ohio, allowing businesses of all sizes and in all areas of the state to share their needs.

The Top Jobs List is a customizable portal for Ohioans to research what pathways are right for them and how they can take advantage of employment opportunities in their field of interest. Ohioans can easily access the Top Jobs List and search for job titles in the state based on region, education required, experience required, and more.

Ohio is required to maintain an up-to-date In-Demand Jobs List, part of Ohio’s Top Jobs List, that directs the spending of 85 percent of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) training funds.

Although not required, Ohio has previously chosen to survey employers to ensure that state programs meet business needs.

To take the survey, visit


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