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The Lake Shore Compact / Mentor Public Schools - Honors Marketing and Business Administration Program

Instructors: Drew McKnight & Lauren Tousignant

Evelyn Megery is a senior who is enrolled in the Marketing and Business Administration program at Mentor High School. With a 4.1 GPA and a variety of AP classes under her belt, she strives to make the most of her education. She was hired by The Roger’s Company as an intern and assists the team with a variety of tasks in their sales, marketing, accounting, logistics, and show services departments. In addition to the internship, she also works at Mosack’s Christian Gift and Book Store as a retail associate and social media and website manager.

To challenge herself, she competed in the Principles of Business Administration category in DECA and placed 5th at the state competition. From a young age, Evelyn was enamored by books and the power to tell stories with words. She spends her free time reading and writing stories of her own, and was even recognized by the National Committee of Teachers of English with their Superior Writing Award for her storytelling skills.

Noticing the need for more opportunities for creativity at her high school, she leads the Creative Writing Club and devised an entire website complete with weekly agendas, writing lessons, and other resources for the members to use. In addition to the Creative Writing Club, Evelyn gives back to her community by leading her peers in other areas as well, for she is also the senior class vice president in Student Government, an officer for Future Leaders Club, the editor of the school newspaper, Cardinal Nation, and a member of the National Honors Society. She plans on strengthening her creative and leadership skills by pursuing multimedia studies/communications and creative writing next fall.

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